Dickie Cars 3 RC Turbo Mack Truck 1:24 4006333031960

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Dickie Toys Cars 3 Turbo Mack Truck: always at hand when Lightning McQueen needs help Without truck Mack, Lightning McQueen would indeed never have met his friends in Radiator Springs. And in other ways too, the truck is always on-the-spot for the hero. As also in Cars 3 in the cinema and as the exciting toy version Turbo Mack Truck from Dickie Toys in the playroom. The toy car comes with a 3-channel RC system (2.4 GHz) via which the trailer can be unhitched. The trailers tailgate can be opened manually. In addition, the turbo function as well as light and sound can be activated. The range of the cars RC system is up to 20 metres, depending on the environment. Just insert the additionally required batteries and children aged five and above can immediately get going with the impressive friend of Lightning McQueen.


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