Dickie Transoformers Light Fighter 5 Asst 4006333050138

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A wonderful toy robot in the form of a Die-Cast race car from the Transformers: Undercover Robots series from the Dickie trademark will be a great acquisition for young fans of the Transformers cartoon. The assortment of 5 types of sets. The set contains one machine of a certain color with the original backlight and a 3D card with a three-dimensional image of the character. The material of the toy is durable plastic and metal. The toy of this series is detailed in appearance, with an original design, bright colors. It is a pleasure for the boys to play with such a machine, since they will feel like real defenders of the Earth, taking part in sparkling battles with alien invaders, developing imagination.

Note This toy is available in stock. Please indicate the type you need in the comments when ordering or inform our operator about this.

For the toy you will need: 1 battery (demonstration batteries are included).

Age: from 3 years.

Packing size: 13 X 4 X 16 cm.

Toy size: 7 cm.


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