Poopsie Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit

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Now, D. I. Y. slime can be customised in a whole new way by mixing in makeup to create a beautiful rainbow of slimes. The Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit features 35+ surprises, including clear and white DIYslime, along with a rainbow of lipsticks, lip glosses, and eye shadows to mix into slime to change the colour. The beautiful rainbow of makeup can also be used on you, so both you and your slime get a makeover Transform slime again by mixing in Rainbow Magic, Rainbow Sparkle, or Rainbow Crunch. Then, store slime in the included airtight storage case. The kit also includes 2 surprise scents, so the slime smells as amazing as it looks.


2 Lip Gloss
6 Eyeshadow
8 D.I.Y Slime
1 Unicorn Spoon
2 Cloud Mixing Tray
3 Rainbow Magic Makeup
1 Air Tight Slime Container
2 Rainbow Sparkle
2 Rainbow Highlighter Makeup
2 Mystery Scent
6 Lipstick
1 Slime Powder Bottle
1 Rainbow Crunch
1 Measuring Cup
1 Exclusive Bottle


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